Reflect (2010, 16mm, 4min)

在獨處的空間裡,感受最大的寂靜。使用16毫米以及標準8毫米仔細聆聽房間與光影的對話、碰觸手冲膠片與光影的親密、以及回蕩著對家人的思念。在剪輯的過程中, 我將原本的節奏解體,重新尋找每個片段隱藏的顏色、圖案及色調共鳴,編織成另一種視覺織品。
This film is about the changes in time, light and reflection that I have observed in the place where I live. The intimacy comes not only from this personal space and the subtle things that happen in it, but also from my direct involvement making this piece in every aspect – shooting, hand-processing and editing. 
In the latter process, I seek to break down the original rhythms of individual shots and look for visual resonances among them – patterns, shapes, color tones – in order to discover and exploit hidden implications weaving into a fresh visual fabric.

žScreenings 放映紀錄:
・  Light Field -  2023, USA 美國
・ Taiwan / UK moving image festival 島嶼 :台灣英國動態影像節 - 2021, online event
《台湾実験映画・その現在》- 2020, Japan 日本

・ 野根莖:臺灣美術雙年展影展計畫 《板塊邊緣、太癢的孩子 - 臺灣新實驗電影》- 2018, Taiwan 臺灣

・ 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam 鹿特丹國際電影節 - 2011, Netherlands 荷蘭

・ Mono X : Children on the edge of itchy-tectonics : Taiwanese New Experimental Films. - 2016, USA 美國
・🏆Award 25 fps Film Festival Best Fuji Film 影展富士膠片電影獎 - 2011, Croatia 克羅埃西亞

ž・ 33th Golden Harvest Awards Nominated Best Experimental Film 金穗獎最佳實驗電影入圍- 2011, Taiwan 臺灣

・ Collection : San Francisco Exploratorium Cinema Collection 舊金山探索館影像藝術館藏 - 2010, USA 美國

・ž Women Make Waves Film Festival 台灣女性影展新竹影像藝術節- 2011, Taiwan 臺灣

ž・ Australian International Experimental Film Festival - 2012, Australia 澳洲

・ž Chicago 8 Film Festival - 2011, USA 美國

・ Return to Canyon program of San Francisco Cinematheque - 2010, USA 美國

ž・ Photographic Memory Pacific Film Archive Bay Area Experimental Film Student - 2010, USA 美國

・ Inside & Out Student Experimental Film Festival in Bingh amton - 2010, USA 美國

ž・ Kodak Grant 柯達公司膠片補助計畫- 2009-2010
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