Cotton Sugar (2009, 16mm, 4min)

以電影膠片為媒材,我將編織和手工藝術的喜好和元素融入創作過程。我用棉花片包起已經手沖沖好的黑白膠片, 用各色染料浸濕。膠片透過棉花吸收了染料上色,而棉絮也跟著附著在膠片上面。因此膠片本身上的感光乳劑 (emulsion) 和棉絮成了雙疊影像,互相交織出現。相反的色調, 正片和負片, 抽象以及可辨識的影像, 共同織出了影像中可以對話的極端元素。(此片為手工沖洗膠卷電影)

By working with film as a medium, I have discovered a way to implement my interest in weaving both concepts and materials; integrating different elements into one work. In this piece, I covered the film with cotton and tinted it with dyes. The textures of cotton adhered to the film create a new layer; the original emulsion and the added textures coexist, cover and uncover each other at the same time. The differentials of color tones, the positive and negative footage, and the alternations of abstract and recognizable imagery introduce a dialogue about the possibilities of opposite characters. (This is hand-processed film.)

žScreenings 放映紀錄:

Mono X : Children on the edge of itchy-tectonics – Taiwanese New Experimental Films - 2016, USA

Analogica Film Festival - 2015, ITALY

・Glitch v. Scratch - 2011, USA

Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival - 2010, Malaysia
žCrossroads – San Francisco Cinematheque - 2010, USA

Antimatter Film Festival - 2009, Canada

・Alternative Visions Pacific Film Archive Bay Area Experimental Film Student - 2009, USA

・Kodak Grant 柯達公司膠片補助計畫 , 2009 - 2010